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My FILE is the online application of the Federal Public Service of the Interior that allows you to consult your personal file in the National Register.
With this application you can check your information in the National Register, report errors, communicate your contact data and find out which organizations have consulted your personal data in the last six months.
One of the main advantages of the application is that it allows you to download or print electronic certificates from the National Register (such as the household composition certificate) from anywhere.

The number of certificates that can be obtained through My FILE has been increased from five to ten :
1. extract from the registers;
2. certificate of main residence;
3. certificate of main residence with history;
4. household composition certificate;
5. hertificate of life ;
6. certificate of Belgian nationality;
7. certificate of a Belgian voter;
8. certificate of legal cohabitation;
9. certificate of residence for the purpose of marriage;
10. certificate of mode of burial and/or rites.

In addition, the National Register, via My FILE, offers you the possibility to communicate on a voluntary basis your contact data or some of them: telephone number, Gsm, fax and an e-mail address.

Many advantages

The production of certificates through My FILE represents a real administrative simplification for both municipalities and citizens and offers many advantages:

  • Easier: you no longer have to go to the municipal administration.
  • Faster: you have the certificate immediately. You are no longer dependent on the opening hours of your local authority, but can request certificates from home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Cheaper: the My FILE application and its certificates are free.
  • More secure: My FILE issues electronic certificates whose signature can be checked electronically.
  • Environmentally friendly: the use of electronic certificates reduces paper consumption. Fewer trips to the municipality mean less pollution.

The communication of contact data is part of the administrative simplification process. The public authorities that have access to this data will be able to communicate more quickly and efficiently with the citizen.

Legal value

The electronic certificates obtained via My FILE have the electronic stamp of the National Register and therefore have the same legal value as those issued by the municipality. The authorities that require these certificates should not refuse them; they are also made aware of this point.

We even strongly recommend using the electronic version, as it allows the authenticity of the certificate to be verified.
For more information about the "My FILE" application, please contact the Helpdesk of the Directorate General Institutions and Population of the FPS Interior:
Helpdesk Belpic
02 518 21 16

Login to My FILE

Access to My FILE requires the electronic identity card (eID) and a card reader. The latter must be installed with the appropriate software:
Once the card reader is properly installed, you can access My FILE using your eID at
In order to verify your identity, you will be asked for your PIN code before you can access your personal data.


eBox is the online service platform of the Social Security. It is an electronic mailbox through which every citizen can receive official documents from the different social security administrations in a centralized and secure way.
Citizens can activate their eBox by providing an e-mail address. They will then be notified by e-mail as soon as a communication is available in their eBox. To access their eBox and consult their documents in complete security, they simply need to connect via their eID card or a token.


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